Thomas Hamlyn-Harris illustration 1
Thomas Hamlyn-Harris illustration 2
Thomas Hamlyn-Harris illustration 3
Thomas Hamlyn-Harris Clockwork Bones
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Thomas Hamlyn-Harris illustration 6

Since 1993

My name is Thomas Hamlyn-Harris and THHink is the home of my illustration, comics, writing, zines, art and animation and creative projects.

On this site you can find my professional illustration work, personal artwork, comics, puzzles, activities and books. I have illustrated and designed a wide range of non-fiction, educational and natural history books. My work has been published in pop-up books, picture books, card games, activity books and magazines.

As a 2D animator I have worked on games, apps, instructional videos and short films. Visit my vimeo channel to see some of my work.

I offer a range of creative services for publishers including cover design and illustration. Click here for more information or view my portfolio here.

Since 1993

Here are some other places you can find my work.