Character Design

Character design for a range of products including: educational books, packaging, pop-up books and illustrated fiction. Click here for more details.


thhink character design

thhink character design

thhink character design

thhink character design

Croc model sheet


Teaching Resources

I worked for Firefly Education for many years, illustrating and developing resources, activity books, games, web and digital content. Writing Time for prep (F) is a project I am particularly proud of. You can download sample pages of Writing Time on the Firefly website.


Motion Graphics

EUPD Finding a Way Forward is an educational short film about EUPD or Borderline Personality Disorder as it is known in Australia. This was a big project that I worked on for several months. Wolf Pack Psychology is a group of UK based psychologists who wrote the script and received a grant from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The video is used in sessions for families dealing with EUPD and also on youtube.

This is my showreel from a few years ago. Check out the stop-motion squid at the beginning which I made out of felting wool. Most of these graphics were made for English Stars (Firefly Education).


This is a sample of motion graphics that I do for various clients. YOUtax one of my all-time favourite clients and I designed the logo and did the branding when it was a one-person start up. Over the past 5 years I have worked on everything from print design and exhibition design to motion graphics and front end web development.


Animals by Thomas Hamlyn-Harris

Animals by Thomas Hamlyn-Harris

As an illustrator I draw a lot of animals. I have illustrated just about every four-legged, fishy or flying animal you could think of. To help clients get an idea of the range of styles and prices, I put together the chart below.

The creatures on the far left are done on Adobe Illustrator – flat, simple shapes, easy to animate and generally on the cheaper side.

Column 2 are also done in Adobe Illustrator but with more attention to detail. There are shadows, gradients and highlights with a consideration for facial expressions and gestures. This style works well for both print and digital design but is particularly suitable for app design. This style is easy to animate and engaging for both a young and mature audience.

Column 3 is creating using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I spend a lot of time developing original characters that appeal to all ages. This style is perfect for book covers, picturebooks, packaging, games, branding and editorial illustration. Here is an example of funny animal characters.

Option 4 takes a bit of time as I use a lot of technical and scientific references. This style is great for book covers, spot illustrations, editorial illustration, natural history books, educational books and media. I use photographic references, do a lot of research and create the illustration using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Email me to discuss your animal project—thomas(at)

thhink animals