Thhink About...

Thhink is the name of my freelance business. I regularly work with other designers, artists, developers, writers and editors to bring projects to life. Some of my favourite creatives to work with are: developer Peter Hunt, Mic Black, Flowering Design, author and editor Karin Cox, musician Brett Campbell and (my wife) Jodi Hamlyn-Harris.

Thomas Hamlyn-Harris
Thomas Hamlyn-Harris life drawing class
Thomas Hamlyn-Harris

About me

I grew up in the suburbs of Brisbane—drawing, daydreaming and melting plastic animals together to form hybrid monsters. I studied fine at RMIT in Melbourne where did much of the same. In 1997, my partner and I took jobs teaching English in China. We had no experience or even training but we had degrees and were Australian and that is all that seemed to be important. Without resources or any kind of curriculum, we had to start from scratch – oh, and there was no internet. We wrote stories and scripts, invented games and activities and somehow fudged together a year of lesson plans. The experience was incredibly challenging, immeasurably rewarding and set me on the path that I have followed since.

We returned to Australia and I kept writing/illustrating and studied Multimedia (QUT). I eventually landed a job as a graphic designer and illustrator for a music publisher/distributor. I worked for a range of publishers in a variety of roles including: designer, illustrator, art director, product developer and animator.

In all of these roles drawing was the key—from storyboarding animations, sketching out ideas for book covers or drawing koalas on the board to get the attention of a class of noisy kids.

In 2015 I started a Masters at University of the Sunshine Coast and began tutoring in Writing for the Illustrated Book and Typography. Currently I am writing and illustrating a graphic novel called The Clockwork Bones as part of a DCA in creative writing.