Questions to a void

Questions to a void is a limited edition collection of comics, short fiction, creative non-fiction, comics memoir and speculative fiction by Thomas Hamlyn-Harris.

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questions to a-void
The Incompleteness Book 2

The Incompleness Book II

The Incompleteness Book II (2021: Recent Work Press) is a thought-provoking collection of poetry and short prose. Contributors were asked to consider the incompleteness of human experience and the result is a multi-focal expression of: Where to, from here?

Available from Recent Work Press.





Arresting Contemporary stories from Emerging Writers

Edited by Julia Prendergast

In each of the stories in this collection, the authors examine the conundrum and contradiction of human experience through carefully crafted narrative detail. Includes Lightning Strike in Slow Motion by Thomas Hamlyn-Harris.

Available from Recent Work Press

ACE 2 Arresting Contemporary Stories by Emerging Writers

The Magic of Mary Cairncross

The Magic of Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve - a celebration of Art and Nature depicts the flora, fauna and fungi of the beloved rainforest reserve and describes the fascinating diversity of the natural systems within it. I worked for over two years with the author, Dr Les Hall before he passed away. Bringing this book to the life was incredibly rewarding and the book won a Whitley award for zoological publishing in 2020.

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Amazing Australian Animals

Children will be thoroughly entertained with this fun book full of engaging picture mazes, spot-the-difference activities, and interesting facts about Australia's amazing animals accompanied by photographs taken by Steve Parish. The mazes start easy but get harder, and the last few are very challenging. Available from Pascal Press.


Amazing australian animals
Writing Time

Writing Time

Writing Time is a handwriting program for Australian students from F (prep) to year 6. I was the lead illustrator, designer and concept developer for the series and wrote and developed the activity content in collaboration with authors, teachers and early childhood experts.

Developed over the course of 2 years, the series includes over 20 books as well as teacher resources and an interactive online component. The series features age-appropriate puzzles, challenges and artwork to engage students and guide the teaching. Visit Firefly Education for more information.

Infamous Bad Boy

Infamous Bad Boy is a graphic novel created by writer, Callum Young. Eighteen-year-old Callum has a unique gift for storytelling, brought to life by illustrator Tatiana Larkin.

Identifying as a young man with a disability, post-school options for growing his creative talents proved to be few and far between. Callum was awarded a Regional Arts Development Fund grant to develop his book and was supported by P2P and The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Through the financial support of USC and the NDIS, I worked with Callum on all aspects of the development including editing, writing, design, layout and typesetting.  I continue to mentor Callum and we are currently working on a new project.
Infamous bad boy
Animals in my World

Animals in my World

Introduce your child to a wonderful and imaginative world where Australian animals live at your place. With pop-ups, flaps, and loads of fun, Animals In My World books will quickly become family favourites.

Written by Thomas and Jodi Hamlyn-Harris. Illustration and paper engineering by Thomas Hamlyn-Harris. Photography by Steve Parish. Published by Steve Parish Publishing in 2011. The series is now out of print but can be found online.

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Are We There Yet?

I developed the concept for the Kids Road Atlas and pitched it to Hema Maps. Hema Maps loved the idea so much that one book turned into a series of 4 books that are currently sold throughout Australia and New Zealand. I wrote the activities in collaboration with the editor and illustrated and designed the all the artwork for the entire series (excluding maps). Visit Hema Maps for more information.

Kids Wildlife Atlas

INAVATOF magazine

Inavatof magazine (in a vat of...) contains original games, word puzzles, ambigrams, paper toys and innovative activities. They are great for any age but are designed to stimulate creative thinking and language skills in children aged 8 and up.

Volume 1 contains innovative word games, graphic puzzles, character design, activities & evil vegetables from the dark side of the fridge.

Volume 2 is all about symmetry and features paper toys, word puzzles, an interview with illustrator - Jack Hankins and plenty more.

Inavatof magazine, mazes and paper toys were originally published under Skidaddle Games © Thomas Hamlyn-Harris.


iMaths is an investigation based numeracy program that runs throughout the school. Students are engaged in relevant, real life maths investigations that can be tailored to each child's needs, and allow students to apply, practise and develop their maths knowledge and skills.



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